"The time has come for you to let go of self censorship The wrong ones wont love you no matter what you do You might as well give them a real reason to be offended or they will simply make on up, and it wont be as interesting ."

The magus section requires one to have completed the initiation level of the mentorship program. only once the initiate has a had time to integrate the shadow and connect with the archetypal forces within the unconscious can they remove the self sabotage that hinders their influence and become truly effective social influencers. not social media influencers but true influencers who get measurable results
The Magus Level: Mastery over Minds and Mystical Forces
Understand how the unconscious mind of others work and the patterns on how to influence it for success. as well as activating the archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious to unleash your full potential

Dive into the Depths of Universal Patterns

Embark on a profound exploration, diving beneath the surface to understand the underlying unconscious machinations that drive individuals. Traverse the intricate patterns of the collective unconscious, awakening the boundless potential that’s been hitherto dormant within.

Rejuvenate Ancient Rituals in a Modern Context

Delve into the mystical corridors of the ages, drawing back the veils of time to uncover how ancient archetypes have subtly steered the destinies of humankind. This isn’t merely a rehashing of archaic texts. Here, you’ll revitalize these age-old rituals, reimagining their significance and potency for our contemporary landscape.

The Art of Hypnotic Mastery and Influence

Deepen your grasp on the delicate strings of human behavior. Journey into the mesmerizing realms of hypnosis, gaining tools that let you touch souls and ignite latent sparks within them. Experience the awe of awakening the emblematic tree of life, channeling its restorative energies to rejuvenate and resonate with those you connect with.

Weave Enchanting Narratives That Drive Desire

Elevate your skills, becoming a virtuoso in weaving tales and crafting spells that stir souls and prompt profound action. Design alluring content that fortifies your ambitions, both in wealth and heart. Emerge as a beacon of influence, casting an indelible aura that captivates and commands.

Celestial Alignment: Unlocking the Power of the Planets

Set forth on a sanctified odyssey, partnering with me to unveil the celestial forces that pulse within you. Through bespoke rituals and profound pathworkings inspired by your inner divinity, we’ll pay homage to the planetary deities each month. By immersing in their unique energies and rites, you’ll shatter barriers, amplifying your prowess in life’s seven pivotal realms.

Heed the call to this grand escapade. Together, let’s unfurl ancient sagas, amplify your inherent potential, and harness the transformative energies that lie dormant within your being. Join me, and let’s illuminate the cosmos.