Esoteric Qabala



Would you like to increase your skill with astrology? Would you like to learn more about the Qabala? Do you feel like your astrology acumen has plateaued, and you’re not sure what to explore next in order to enrich it? If any of these pique your interest, this workshop is for you. The Qabala (or Kabalah, or Kabballah, or Qabalah, or any other variation of the spelling) is the sacred mystic tradition of the Hebrew people, and its study and integration into astrology can provide a unique skill set for those that are looking to further develop. However, if you have no experience with astrology, yet an interest in the Qabala, this workshop may be just what you need to take your studies to the next level by introducing you to basic astrological concepts in a way that is a mainstay of the western esoteric tradition. The basic principle is that no one can fully understand God, AKA the Godhead, by looking on it directly. However, if it is broken down into smaller pieces, it can be studied and understood. Hence the Qabala is the study of broken down facets of the Godhead/God. By working with this material, you can increase your understanding and connection with divinity. We will take a closer look at many different Qabalistic themes, cover fundamental concepts and principles, and will show how this material can be applied to day to day life. We will also look at how it intersects with astrology, the tarot, and other various modalities in the western tradition.