Introduction to Esoteric Astrology



In the study of astrology, there are two sides to the subject. For starters, there is the side that most are familiar with, if only just in passing. This is commonly known as exoteric astrology. It is western astrology that looks at cycles and patterns, and how they can be understood and applied to one’s life. Then there’s an esoteric side to astrology. This core addresses the hidden side of energies coming into this solar system. It strongly correlates to the information Alice A Bailey brought through several decades ago, as well as Alan Leo before her, and HP Blavatsky as well, particularly with regards to the seven rays, and color energy. In this introductory class, esoteric astrology will be revealed on a very basic level. Students will leave this class with a passing familiarity on a very little talked about yet profoundly spiritually advancing subject. The class length is two hours.