Magical Hebrew




When one begins to develop their magical skill, it becomes apparent early on that Hebrew is a cornerstone of the Western Esoteric Tradition. It is hard to find quality books on magick and the occult that don’t address it, but from an outside perspective, it may seem foreign and intimidating. Often times it may also feel antithesis to who we are and what we do, with many claiming it triggers unhealed spiritual wounds. However, without it, we are choosing to cut ourselves off from a large part of western spirituality. In this class, we will take a closer look at the language, including origins and roots, in order to see how to use it in our practical work without any sort of spiritual baggage. This is NOT a class to learn to speak or write the language, nor is it an introduction to Judaism, but rather this will give you the basics so that you can implement its usage into your own personal practice and so that you can navigate the references to it as you encounter them.