Mercury Retrograde – What to Do



Approximately three times a year the planet Mercury moves in a retrograde fashion. All planets go through a retrograde time, but Mercury in particular has very manifested results. During a retrograde Mercury, lines of communication are affected, usually, but not always, in an adverse way. You may be speaking English, and although your audience is speaking English, the two forms don’t necessarily match up, thereby complicating communications. If left unattended, these miscommunications will leave a wake of “Oops’s” that may have dire and disastrous consequences.


So when are these retrograde cycles? Why do we get approximately three a year? And, most importantly, what can be done about it? Communication is one of the largest facets of the human experience, and this class will cover what to do to maximize the true potential that is there and minimalize any problems that may arise. This class is intended to offer tools and tips, wit and wisdom, and helpful handouts that can assist us all during these opportunities